16 May 2016



Almost 3:30 am in the morning. cant really sleep not even gonna try. Lately I be thinking how weird my life or complicated it will be sometime. and right now I m stealing atikah phone without her permission. aint we sometime have to be rabel. yaa we'll life once aight ? 

Mursyid's notes (diary) i could said.. makes me thinks more. how a boy where most of them dont really express their feeling through diary or writing can do so. but in the other ways I found he is kind of sorta cute. some days I hope I can tell him how much he means to me. 

well I promise myself before I wont put such a higher or goals for any boy. I do promise myself I wont be hurting by anyone anymore. Weird, everything changes by now. I wont lose him. Let yourself be hurting is the way you know how much you love someone I guess. well, aint going to hurt without feeling for sure.

I kept telling him how much I love him. sadly, i could see in his eyes how thick he would trust me. I do break his heart countless times. if I be him I would never give myself a chance no more. he is a good guy of mine. a good son of her mother. some days when the time really on our side I be hoping you know you're everything to me

be a part of you such a great pleasure. I dont care if you re not the other blessing of mine, as long as you stay I promise everything will be fine. I love you